Trail Building

Whenever you go and ride your bike at a trail centre, there’s probably a group of volunteer trail builders hiding somewhere in the woods.

They could be building new stuff or repairing bits that have taken a beating, and they may be well hidden, but without them your favourite trails can end up in a bad state pretty fast!

Getting involved in a dig day or volunteer trail building day is a great way to get to know more of the local riders, and also get a really good look at the trails themselves. Wherever you are, it’s always worth asking around to see if there’s a dig day planned while you’re in the area.

Here at Trail Motions we understand the importance of looking after our local bike trails.

Come rain or shine there’s always a group of regulars that are willing to give up some time to move rocks, dig trenches, lay gravel, chisel pretty patterns into log rides, and generally play in the dirt!

If you fancy having a go at trail building, getting involved at Gisburn is easy as there are volunteer dig days held on the second Sunday of each month, usually between 10am and 4pm.

Anyone can come along and join in. You’ll need some sturdy boots or wellies, clothing you don’t mind getting mucky and some sandwiches or a packed lunch if you’re staying for the full day. Tools, tea, coffee and chocolate biscuits are provided, along with a free t-shirt for new volunteers.

There’s a Facebook page you can check for info on current develpments and the dates for the next dig day, or you can email us and ask to be put on the Gisburn Trail Builders mailing list so you get a personal invite each time there’s a dig.

Depending on where you’re based, it may also be worth checking out the Penine Mountain Bike Action group or the boys at Singletraction. Both these groups have a hand in developing trails and always welcome new members, volunteers, and donations to the cause!