Full Day Group Skills Courses

Rock n Roll Trail Skills / Hops, Drops Pumps n Jumps

Both courses are highly adaptable. We always start with a warm up, where the coach gets to see where everyone is at with their riding skills. Once we’ve got an idea of what is best to start with we get cracking, looking at the most helpful skills for the group as a whole.

Rock n Roll Trail Skills introduces you to the “core” skills that’ll keep you rockin’ and rollin’ on the trails. We’’ll get your bike set-up so it’s just right for you. We look at balance and slow speed control, learn about body position on the bike and how you should be moving your weight around rather than staying put. We’ll look at the best techniques for cornering, check out some front wheel lifts and put it all together with a blast on the trails taking in the odd root and rock just to make sure you get it!

Hops, Drops Pumps n Jumps Trail Skills ups the ante with more advanced skills including cornering at speed, drop offs, step-up’s, bunny hops, jumping, and technical climbing / descending. This is the course you want if you’re riding red routes but really want to get to grips with the trail obstacles and find your flow or get your shred on:)