Booster Courses – Half Day Group Skills Courses

Everybody learns new skills at different rates and with this in mind we started offering half day mtb skills tuition alongside our full day courses to make sure everyone gets the same chances to improve their riding. Our half day Booster courses and skills tasters let you bring your skills up to speed in smaller, bite-sized chunks. We break it down and concentrate on honing just a couple of skills during each session, which means it can be easier to absorb the information. As with all our courses the emphasis is on having a good day on the bike and not feeling like you’ve gone back to school!

Booster course 1: Balance – Bike Control – Cornering

This course lays down the all-important foundations you need to build your skills on. Without knowledge of how to keep yourself balanced on the bike there’s a chance you may be relying on luck or speed to keep yourself upright, especially when the trail gets challenging. We look at making each rider more comfortable and more stable on the bike so they can relax and concentrate on having more fun.  We then take these techniques out to the trails to try riding various  features such as rollers and small steps to learn what you need to stay in control and stop getting bounced around. Once everyone is rolling smoothly we get stuck into cornering smoothly so you can take on berms and rail flat turns with confidence and ease.

Booster course 2: Front and rear wheel lifts – steps – rocks + roots – small drops

In this one we look at how to get the wheels off the ground independently. It helps keep things safe and controlled without yanking on the bars, pulling up with clippy pedals and veering off in random directions when trying to get up or down steps. Front wheel lifts (aka wheelies) arent just for showing off. Once you’ve mastered the techniques you can keep your front wheel our of harms way and improve your flow on the trail. Controlled wheelies help you get up and over tricky bits, and are an essential part in the dynamics of bunny hops and jumping properly. We look at 2 main techniques for front wheel lifts and then bring rear wheel lifts into the mix for getting over rocks, roots and steps smoothly. Bunny hops and small drops bring this awesome fun session to a close.