Join our monthly social guided rides in The Lake District

Here at Trail Motions mtb coaching and guiding we understand the importance of just getting out on your bike and leaving any stresses and strains of day to day life behind you. This is why we always try and put on at least one social group guided ride each month to give our clients and friends a chance to get together and blow away the cobwebs. There is no charge to come and join a social ride we just ask that everyone comes as well prepared as possible so they can enjoy the day without any major issues.

We recently headed up Helvellyn on a cracking day to share some of what we think is the Lake Districts best singletrack. It’s a ride we do quite often as it’s on so many peoples bucket list. If you’re lucky enough to get up there on a clear day you won’t be disappointed.

The views are spectacular, as is the descent.

If you’re interested in joining a social ride “like” us on facebook and keep an eye on our events pages for any up and coming dates.

If you can’t wait or you just fancy a day to yourself then give Ant a shout and he’ll get you booked in for a days riding.

#lifebehindbars – An excuse to go ride your bike!



Social media is such a big thing these days, it’s hard to imagine a world without it.

The wealth of information that is at your finger tips is simply astounding.

I have never been much of a reader or a writer though, I’ve always preferred looking at pictures.

I was introduced to photography at an early age, and I quickly found myself wandering off, observing the world through a viewfinder and capturing a slightly different perspective to those around me. Landscapes have always captivated me, especially shots that show the vastness of the amazing places we can reach without much effort.

The world of mountain biking and the accompanying social media scene, shows the vastness of the places we can reach with 2 wheels, quite often carrying the horse up the hill!  We also get to see everything else, right down top the tiniest details of the strangely beautiful grooves in your machined solid block aluminium handlebar stem!

With social media and photo’s, come hashtags. For a long while I thought it was all just a load of rubbish and made no attempt to even comprehend the existence of such a thing. If I remember rightly it was Geordie Shore that changed my perspective. Yes, that’s right. I actually watched Geordie Shore. More than once, I might add!

Anyway, back to the matter in hand, I soon came across #lifebehindbars which was originally a series of shorts featuring freeride  / slopestyle mtb legend Brandon Semenuk and his pals. This, along with various other hashtags soon had me going out and stopping in random places to take a photo of my handlebars!


It’s one of many strangely influential things that can motivate you to get out and ride your bike, and lets be honest, it doesn’t really matter what your reasoning behind it is, as long as you’re getting out and doing it.

Weather you’re just going for a quick blast on a local cheeky trail, heading out into the hills with a few mates, or visiting a trail centre to smash out a hot lap, in most cases you’ll be plugging in to a gps tracker,  you’ll most probably stop to take a selfie, or you’ll take a photo of the trail or your bike, and once again the hungry animal that is social media will have it’s needs met and people all around the world will feel that little bit more connected, because they too love bikes and now, seemingly, you too!

Is there any better life than a #lifebehindbars?


Grand Day Out Biking in Cumbria

Grand Day Out Biking in Cumbria

Grand Day Out Biking in CumbriaTrail Motions recently took part in the Grand Day Out in Cumbria and helped to raise over £20,000 for the Cumbria Community Foundation and Mountain Rescue flood appeal.

We regularly visit the Lake District with our mountain bike coaching and guiding days and with some of our favourite spots being quite badly hit by flooding it seemed only right that we do our bit and offer up a guided ride as part of the days events.

Some of the other events on offer included fell running, hiking, walking, road cycling and even a ukulele group concert!

The region had just had a thorough dusting of snow and was looking very white as hundreds of people headed out into the fells all over Cumbria.

For our part, myself, Max and Julian (my helping hands) went on a mini adventure with 17 crazy mountain bikers. Read more